Wellingborough Grammar School Annual Foreign Trips

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Update Log

1950 France, Paris
1951 No trip
1952 France, Paris
1953 Switzerland, Wilderswil
1954 Austria, Salzburg and Zell-am-See
1955 France, Paris and Nice
1956 Italy, Florence and Venice
1957 Spain, Majorca and Barcelona
1958 Norway, Vinje
1958 Belgium, Brussels World Fair
1959 Italy, Rome and Sorrento
1960 France and Switzerland, Paris and Interlaken
1961 Italy, Riva and Venice
1962 Austria, Vienna and Innsbruck
1963 Spain, Tarragona
1964 Italy and Switzerland, Imperia and Lucerne
1965 Italy, Florence and Venice
1966 France and Switzerland, Paris and Montreux
1967 Germany, Schwäbisch Hall and Boppard
1968 Switzerland, Lucarno/Lugano and Interlaken
1969 Italy, Chiavari
1970 Switzerland, Davos
1971 Austria, Rattenberg-Radfeld
1972 Luxembourg and Switzerland, Luxembourg and Interlaken
1973 France, Blois
1974 Germany St. Goar
1975 Switzerland, Interlaken
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